Monthly Workshops


I offer monthly workshops at 2 different venues in Jersey - DW Health in St.Brelades Bay and at Ayush Spa, Hotel de France.

The days and timings vary each month, all workshops are added to my website as well as posted on my FaceBook page.

 It is my wish that through these workshops I can reach more of you - as there is no club membership needed to attend, and that through these offerings, I get to support each of you more every time you step on your mats and attend a class. A yoga workshop can offer tools and experiences beyond those usually included in a typical 75/90-minute class.

Workshops are quite different to attending a class. There is time to stop and start, I can demonstrate more and you get the chance to ask questions. There is not usually the opportunity to do this when in a yoga class. Workshops give us the time to go-over/break down and focus on certain asana (postures) or transitions. During a workshop I can demonstrate more and if you ever wish you had time to repeat and try again, then Yoga workshops are the ideal time to do exactly that.
There will be much variety in these workshops with different themes and focus.


Examples of workshops:


Yoga Philosophy

The 8 Limbs
Inversions, arm balances
Restorative yoga, candlelit yoga
Power yoga
Yoga with Essential oils
Pranayama, asana, meditation

Yoga with minimal queues (you will need to have practised vinyasa flow with me before)