Terms & Conditions



Public/group sessions:

I do not take advance bookings nor do I sign you up for courses in my public/group classes. I believe that coming to a public yoga class should be a choice and that everyone has the freedom to cancel if they need, whether that be travel, children, illness or just needing the comfort of the sofa rather than a stretch! Therefore there is no cancellation policy for group sessions. Private yoga is very different as commitment is needed.

Private classes:

I accept a maximum of two people. For added people expect to add on £10 per person there after.

After the initial trial session, I ask that private Yoga Classes are booked and paid for 4 sessions in advance. NB: With frequent cancellations and lack of commitment, clients should be aware that their weekly time may be offered and filled elsewhere.


No refund is offered for cancellations within 24 hours of class time.


Private yoga sessions take place in your own home. Although I highly recommend you purchase your own, I can provide mats for those who do not have one (or until you have had time to purchased your own). I also provide music and yoga props such as blocks, straps and bolsters if desired.

During my public group sessions there are mats, blocks, straps and bolsters available. All venues which I teach in have access to bathroom and changing facilities.

Beach Yoga practitioners are expected to bring their own mat or towel to the beach. I do not provide any mats or props at these sessions.